What's so great about Kilkenny?

For decades many who can choose where to live have chosen Kilkenny. Here are some of the reasons for joining them.

'Divarsion': Kilkenny is festival city. There's hardly a weekend when there isn't a gathering. The long established festivals of the Arts, Comedy, Rhythm & Roots, Kilkenomics, are only the start of it. 

Eating out: There are more good restaurants per capita than in any other city in the world. And a few good chippers too.

Arts and crafts: ...because people have been choosing to live here for decades we have some of the most extraordinary people working away quietly in the hills and valleys around us.

Schools: you can hardly go wrong. The primary schools in Kilkenny are all good and most, excellent. You have a choice of free second-level schools, high-ranking by all standards.

Stuff for kids: there are strongly rooted engagements for youth in theatre, music, film, etc.

Sports: hurling is an extraordinary part of Kilkenny life and it's a real privilege as an outsider to live here through this era, to feel the ethos, to see the uplifting effect and the life value that this sporting phenomenon has bestowed on so many lives through the worst of times. It's not just about hurling here though. Rugby, soccer, tennis, swimming, horse-riding, hockey, golf, fishing and many other sports are vibrant, affordable and accessible to all here.   

Living costs: mortgage or rent at about half the Dublin equivalents; the school run can be a walk; one-car living is easy

Commuting: 1hr to Red Cow on M9 (toll-free); 90 min. to d'Olier st on M9 Express; 80 min. to airport

Yet, Kilkenny is not a commuter town. It is its own place. There's a spirit and sense of history that eventually makes all of us blow-ins a part of it. Consider it.


Tom O'NeillComment