Enjoy Kilkenny’s charm, affordability, and great schools, while keeping your career at the cutting edge



Come and see us if you’re teleworking, freelancing, or starting a new venture. Our membership includes people in software, design, media, project management, games platforms, and life sciences. We are also proud to host the fast growing US-Finnish company, TrademarkNow.

When you join us you will work in the highly productive spaces and meet other workers in the large common areas and meeting rooms. We’re at the old AIB Building next to the train station in Kilkenny. 

We’re an easy hop to your Dublin meetings – on the train or the M9 Express. One and a half hours by train, car or by express bus.

Ideal for start-ups, freelancers and remote workers, with packages to suit all needs from casual desk to dedicated office. See what some of our current members have to say about New Work Junction

Kieran Kelly
Digital Marketing
It's all about work life balance! With the high-speed internet at New Work Junction, I can work on exciting projects with clients all from over the world as well as enjoying the great quality of life that Kilkenny has to offer. It's also good to separate home life from work life at a fraction of the cost of running my own office

Howard Triggs
I have worked in brewing and process engineering for the food and drinks industry for nearly 30 years, and have been self-employed for the last 12, trading as VGraph, helping clients to design, operate, manage and improve manufacturing plant. NWJ is an ideal base - a quiet space in which to develop ideas and designs.

Bernadette Coleman
Project Management

Award winning Project Manager with unparalleled project management consulting experience across many sectors including Public Sector, Pharma, Telecoms, Utilities, Software, Advertising and Financial services.  A specialist in the design and roll-out of best fit project management systems and supporting tools, a desk space in NWJ allows me to work with my clients remotely.  Currently managing a large software development project, the technical infrastructure in NWJ allows me to manage virtual teams safely and securely.

Amelie Chartton

Offers photographic tours, in which, amateurs of photography and beautiful landscapes, will be able to visit and immortalize the authentic city of Barcelona (and much more soon) while learning professional tips, from a professional photographer. The workshops are taking place in small groups for a better access to the photographer’s personalized attention and knowledge and will discover remote places of Barcelona for a unique approach of a touristic city

Vincent de Phily

I've been working remotely since 2007, writing server-side telematics software. Working in your own private office takes a lot more energy than working amongst other people. More than just good workplace amenities, NWJ has a mix of friendly members with varied profiles, keeping things interesting.

Martin Reilly & Graham Comerford

Yeco makes touchscreen software for music production. We formed our company in July 2015 and moved to NWJ almost immediately.  It is ideal for anyone starting a business, which is difficult enough without the hassle and expense of finding your own office, fitting it out and paying rent, bills and rates. Not to mention that most new businesses aren't in a position to be signing a lease for an extended period. We've also benefitted hugely from being surrounded by so many knowledgeable people for advice and ideas.

87% of people in co-worker centres engage in projects with fellow members.